CX Photography

FAQ - TFD Photoshoots

Q) Can I model for you?

Depends. I only photograph very fit models or models that I believe will fit with the rest of the portfolio. If you think you are then get in touch and send at least two uneditted pictures of yourself, one clear face picture, one body picture at least topless and your physical details such as height, weight etc.

Q) What does TFCD/TFD/TF* mean?

Time For CD/Disk/Online. It basically means you pose for free in exchange to have some pictures for free. In this scenario you would sign a model release that mentions this and grants the photographer the rights to distribute the pictures.

Q) Do you do paid work?

Yes, if you are interested then contact me for availability and rates.

Q) How many pictures do you retouch?

About 5-7. I normally will show you the pics unedited so you can suggest your own favourite pictures but as the photographer I will make the final call.

Q) Can I request what type of pictures?

Yes, we will discuss what you’d like and ideas that you have and agree what the final shoot will be about. But remember it needs to fit with the rest of the portfolio.

Q) How long does it take to edit the pictures?

Previewing the unedited pictures will take a couple of days but the final pictures will take much longer, often in excess of 3 weeks so you’ll have to be a bit patient. I can provide pictures as they’re completed. If you have a shortlist of pictures you’d like to get edited, that will help the process as the selection does take quite some time as well.

Q) How will I get the pictures?

I will send the pictures online. You will get full size and online sized pictures with watermarks (logo) as you can see examples in my portfolio galleries.

Q) Will there be any sort of formal agreement?

Yes, all models need to sign an industry standard model release form. If you would like to see it in advance, please let me know.

Q) What happens to the information I send?

Everything that you send will be kept strictly confidential, your details and pictures will never be shared.